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High School

SEM Image Library- What everyday things look like in the TM3000!

This presentation will give you an idea of all types of samples that can be viewed in the TM3000. Sharing these images with students will get them excited about the nano-world and the doors a Scanning Electron Microscope can open!

Nanoscale Measurement Worksheet

This is a worksheet created by a fellow educator as she taught her students about microscopy and measurement tools.


This video will give perspective on the tiny world of Nanotechnology and just how small it really is.


Introduce students to nanotechnology, materials, and the nanoscale. Students will design and draw their interpretation of the SEM image using paint, color pencils, or markers.

SEM “Learning Lab” Explore NanoThink!

Nano Relief Prints of Nano Images: Art or Science or Both?  The lesson will incorporate art and energy science at nanoscale through investigations utilizing two-dimensional visual interpretations via SEM.


What is electron microscopy?  Why use electrons?  A short course on scanning electron microscopy for your classroom.

SEM Appalachian State University

Microscopy in the classroom not only excites students about science, but transforms them into active participants who seek out and acquire new knowledge based on the scientific method.

Nanoscale Science

Motivate your students with Nanotechnology!  Science students explore energy generation in compost as a possible source for electricity.

Hitachi’s Commitment

Hitachi’s Commitment

Our mission is to inspire the next generation of innovative pioneers through the advancement of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Website & SEM Request

Website & SEM Request

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